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01.  Change or stay with current Supplier?

Since the gas and electricity market was deregulated in 1999, consumers have been free to choose their gas and electricity suppliers and millions of businesses have cut their bills by changing supplier. There’s no reason to stay with a company that charges over the odds and our free service enables you to find a plan that offers you the best value. You can take control of your supply by deciding how and who you want to pay for your gas and electricity.  If you are happy, however, with your current supplier Cutpowercosts can also obtain cheaper rates for you with them so there is no need to change.

02.  Is it really still possible to make savings?

You could save a significant amount of money by using our services as we have access to preferential rates and it is not necessary to always move suppliers.  Suppliers are always changing their tariffs and prices so, regardless of which company you’re with, you might still be able to save a substantial amount. You should check Cutpowercosts regularly to make sure you're still getting a good deal.


03. Who are Cutpowercosts?

Cupowercosts have been in the energy industry for over 15 years.  They provide free comprehensive, independent and impartial service. We pull together all the data and information from the utility industry to make your life easier.  Our aim is to help customers take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from suppliers. We evaluate a number of key factors including price, location, service and payment method, and advise customers on the best deal to suit their needs.

04.  Are your prices up to date?

We monitor gas and electricity suppliers, and their tariffs, on a continuous basis. In this way, we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate source of service and price data in the market. 

05. Who are the ‘Big 6’ Suppliers?

There are six main electricity suppliers in the UK.

British Gas



Scottish Power

Scottish and Southern Energy

EDF Energy.

06.  Will there be any disruption to my supply when I change suppliers?


No. Your new supplier will continue to use exactly the same wires, pipes and meters as you currently use. Your new supplier will also contact your existing supplier to arrange the transfer. The only change you will notice is the company name at the top of your bill and less money coming out of your bank!


07.  Are there any risks associated with changing Suppliers?

We understand that people worry about changing suppliers. It’s actually very easy and it won’t affect your supply in any way.

Here are the main points to consider:

•There will be no interruption to your supply. You will not be charged twice.

•Your new supplier works out a transfer date with your old supplier and takes over your payments from then.

•You are not paying any hidden charges for our service.

If I decide to change suppliers, do I need to contact my old supplier?

Your new supplier will arrange the transfer for you. However, you should ensure that give your new supplier a final meter reading (at the date of transfer), so your current supplier can produce a final bill.

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